Learning How to Learn - Ukulele

Last week we introduced a new instrument to our class. We were not sure about its name or how we might play it. 
Who could help us learn more? 
Do we know anybody that plays instruments? 

Ms. Peachy and Ms. Nadia were called upon to help us. 

We found that our instrument is called a ukulele. It is like a small guitar, but it has a different name. Ms. Peachy showed us how to play a C chord. We can use this chord when we sing 'Row, Row, Row, Your Boat', 'Baa Baa Black Sheep,' and many more songs. Luckily for us a C chord is quite easy to play. 

Ms. Peachy showing is another ukulele and a guitar. 

C Chord. Only one string to press down. :)

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