Learning How to Learn - Ukulele

Last week we introduced a new instrument to our class. We were not sure about its name or how we might play it. 
Who could help us learn more? 
Do we know anybody that plays instruments? 

Ms. Peachy and Ms. Nadia were called upon to help us. 

We found that our instrument is called a ukulele. It is like a small guitar, but it has a different name. Ms. Peachy showed us how to play a C chord. We can use this chord when we sing 'Row, Row, Row, Your Boat', 'Baa Baa Black Sheep,' and many more songs. Luckily for us a C chord is quite easy to play. 

Ms. Peachy showing is another ukulele and a guitar. 

C Chord. Only one string to press down. :)

Fruit & Vegetable Snack

 Our fruit & vegetable snack is an important part of our morning for many reasons.
1. We build home school connections with fruit & vegetable donations from our families. This helps children to see a connection between home and school.
2. We prepare our fruit & vegetable snack each morning. First we choose which fruit/vegetable to eat, then we wash, cut and prepare it to eat later in the morning.
3. We eat our fruit & vegetable snack together. This is a great opportunity for healthy eating with our classroom community. Sometimes we try fruits or vegetables that might be outside our comfort zone.

Story & Drama

Story time in our class includes reading books, listening to stories being told, singing and drama.
We are at the beginning stages of exploring story and drama in our class. At the moment we are choosing well known classics for our stories. Soon we will begin to collect the children's stories created during play. After collecting the stories, dramatizations will follow.

We'll share more in the future.

Cheeky monkeys swinging in a tree. 
Mr. Crocodile snapping. 

The three little pigs leaving their mother's house. 

The wolf blew the house down. 

More Three Little Pigs action

Hi, We are Abbie, Isa and Steve. Once the children start back to school you'll see pictures of them, not us. Come back soon!